Apr 12 2006

AT&T Trying to recall information about their spy equipment

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In this day and age, I’m surprised that companies even try to put the genie back in the bottle.  All AT&T is going to do by insisting the information about the Narus ST-6400 be sealed is to guarantee every self-respecting blogger is going to find out more about the situation.  Our government is spying on us, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone by now.  But the depth of the situation is a little shocking, even to me.

I truly appreciate the risk Mr. Klein has taken in order to safeguard our liberties.  He’s probably looking at facing legal action from AT&T, as well as possible harassment from the federal government.  I just hope no one tries to bring criminal charges against him. 

What do think about this situation?  Is Mark Klein a hero?  Or is he a criminal who should be put in jail for disclosing government secrets?  I think my position is pretty clear, but what do you think?

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