Jul 18 2006

Network Security Podcast, Episode 35

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Note to self, don’t schedule interview before the second cup of coffe.  This past Sunday morning I had a chance to talk to Brian Contos from ArcSight, who has a book coming out next month, Enemy at the Water Cooler: True Stories of Insider Threats and Countrmeasures.  Brian has a lot of great stories and experience dealing with the insider threat in the real world, which he’s more than willing to share with us.  There’s a lot more Brian has to share, so we’ll very likely be hearing from him again in the near future.  It ended up being a long interview, but I hope you get as much out of our conversation as I did. 

Network Security Podcast, Episode 35, July 18th, 2006

Time:  51:20

Tonight’s Music:  Michael Burks – Heartless from Alligator Records

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  1. […] it really almost three years ago that I interviewed Brian Contos about his then-new book, Enemy at the Water Cooler?  I won’t say it feels like it was […]

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