Oct 31 2006

Network Security Podcast, Episode 50

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Happy Halloween, everyone!  There might be a better holiday, but few match Halloween for sheer fun and craziness.  Kids are great for reminding you just how exciting it can be.

Tonight’s podcast is a discussion about the convergence of physical and logical security in the enterprise and government.  I’d like to say the whole thing was my idea, but the truth is, Brian Contos approached me with this idea several weeks ago.  We discussed why the two disciplines are converging, the business drivers, what it means to both security and privacy, and what’s going to be happening in this arena over the next five years.  It’s a fascinating topic.

The guests tonight were Brian Contos, Chief Security Officer, ArcSight; William Crowell, security expert, executive business leader and former Deputy Director of the NSA; Dan Dunkel, president of New Era Associates; and Colby DeRodeff, GCIA, GCNA and Senior Security Engineer at ArcSight.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 50, October 31, 2006

Time:  1:14:39

Tonight’s music:  Halloween by the Coffin Shakers

Thanks again to Astaro for sponsoring the podcast.  Call them at 877-427-8276 to get your free demo unit.

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