Jun 04 2007

I’m still around

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I’ve been trying hard to get adjusted to my new position as Cobia Product Evangelist, sometimes too hard.  Last week I realized I was over-analyzing everything and nearly paralyzing myself with the effort. So I’ve decided to get back to the basics, blog a lot, make some mistakes and quit worrying about it.  Better to do something and make some mistakes than spending all of your time worrying about that first mistake.

I’ll get back to my daily blogging schedule, or at least something like it.  The podcast is still going to suffer a little for a while, but I’ll try to get an episode out this week.   We’ve got the third episode of the Cobia Community Podcast if you can’t wait to hear my voice.  Slowly, as I get life under control again, the podcast will return to something like a regular schedule, but I fear my days of a weekly personal podcast are done for a while.  And on a side note, I have a small side project I’m doing with some friends, a 30’s detective drama.  Give that about six months until we get something that we actually feel is worth posting.

Thanks for sticking with me during this career transition.  Chris Hoff pointed out to me several weeks ago that the move I’ve made really is into a new career track than anything I’ve done before.  Change is stressful, but I’m learning a lot in the process.  Now I just have to figure out how to change a life of total chaos into something resembling controlled chaos. 

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One Response to “I’m still around”

  1. Andy ITGuyon 04 Jun 2007 at 9:42 am

    Martin, I understand exactly where you are coming from. My new job has changed my posting schedule and such. It’s hard to make time while adjusting and changing schedules. I’m glad that your are getting back on track. I’ve missed your regular posts.

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