Jun 15 2007

Judge orders FBI to disclose, what will the Whitehouse do?

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The EFF has gotten a judge to order the FBI to reveal the contents of National Security Letters after it was revealed that there was serious evidence of abuse of these letters by the FBI.  The FBI is being ordered to release 2500 pages worth of these pages and another 2500 pages worth every 30 days.  That’s a lot of information to process, both in creating the pages and in digesting them when the EFF gets them.

I expect to see this appealed almost immediately, if it hasn’t been already.  If an appeal doesn’t work, I expect for the White House to step in and either simply refuse to disclose the information or claim some form of Executive Privilege.  Either way, I don’t think we’ll really be seeing this information any time soon.

Isn’t it great to live in a country where your central law enforcement agency can force anyone who has records on you to provide that information without ever telling you?  Not only that, if someone, say your ISP, does disclose that you were investigated, they can be imprisoned for it.  I’m such a biiig fan of the Patriot Act.

And yes, I’ve slipped into my role as Captain Privacy again.  Luckily my super suit is jeans and a t-shirt, not tights and a cape.  Even I shudder at the thought of me in tights.

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One Response to “Judge orders FBI to disclose, what will the Whitehouse do?”

  1. elambon 16 Jun 2007 at 9:12 pm

    I love the idealistic constitutional Unite States of America. But I’m not too fond of the disregard for civil liberties and arrogant power moves that the our leadership has been making lately. It is getting extreme.

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