Jul 18 2007

Cutaway broke the Info Sec Sell Out site

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Okay, it probably has absolutely nothing to do with Cutaway, but he is suspicious that the Information Security Sell Out page was wiped clean just a couple of minutes after he posted the identity of the Sell Out.  Or maybe the LMH and the Phrack High Council didn’t want to leave any more evidence on themselves available than they absolutely had to.  Personally, I’m more than a little glad to see them outed, especially since they’ve been generally rude and obnoxious because they thought they could hide behind their anonymity.

I haven’t been watching the Sell Out’s site very closely, so I wonder what they had up there that they decided needed to be pulled from public view.  Of course, Google probably has each and every page archived, so pulling it is more than a little pointless, but I guess it’ll keep casual browsers from viewing the page any more.  Or maybe they just annoyed another hacker group enough that someone took down their page for them. 

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5 Responses to “Cutaway broke the Info Sec Sell Out site”

  1. InfoSecSellouton 18 Jul 2007 at 9:15 am

    Cutaway was wrong. But he may have had something to do with the blog being hijacked/deleted.

    The person who gave Cutaway the information was David Maynor and he is dead dead wrong.

  2. Martinon 18 Jul 2007 at 10:15 am

    Bzzt! Wrong. Dave did not give Cutaway the information, but nice try.


  3. Informanton 18 Jul 2007 at 10:35 am

    I’m the one who gave cutaway the info- and I’m most definitely not Maynor.

    I also think I was wrong- I’m fairly certain LMH was involved, but it’s more likely run by someone here in the US who is reasonably well known in security circles. Someone I guessed early on, but was told it couldn’t be. The posts today make me think that original guess was accurate.

    What I can’t figure out is why cutaway’s post would cause sellout to purge the site if the post wasn’t correct? There must be something else going on, and it’s very amusing.

    I’ll leave it at that so no one gets fired from their day jobs.

    Sellout- whoever you are, either who I think or someone else, I suggest you fade away. You have no credibility and are probably risking your ability to make a good living through your antics.

    Is it really worth it?

  4. kurt wismeron 18 Jul 2007 at 11:00 am

    from a cursory read-through of the material in cutaway’s (holy clash of the pseudonymous bloggers, batman) post i would tend to agree that infosec sellout was not the author of those documents…

    no offense to the true author, but infosec sellout’s english wasn’t quite so broken…

    as for what was up there that saw the content pulled – i suppose the comment thread in the original osx worm post that kept inspiring death threats against the blogger might have had something to do with it…

  5. tinfoilon 18 Jul 2007 at 11:38 am

    You can delete posts, but that doesn’t mean they are gone.

    I wonder how many other caches have copies.

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