Jul 26 2007

Stupidity or purposeful publicity stunt?

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I’ve been more than a little leery of LifeLock from the start, especially when it turned out one of the founders had his own run in with the law concerning identity theft.  But now it appears that the company has mucked up an identity theft involving another of their founders.  When Todd Davis’ identity was stolen because he puts the information on LifeLock’s site, rather than leaving it to the police to deal with they went and confronted the thief and video tape the event.  They apparently brow beat the gentleman into signing a confession they had typed up before hand.  Their interference with the police investigation has put a severe crimp in the ability of the police to prosecute.

So what was this, pure stupidity or a well thought out publicity stunt?  I’m sure that someone in marketing at LifeLock thought this was a great opportunity to get a real identity thief on camera, but the real question is was the interference a accidental side effect, or did they plan on the botched confession to get them even more publicity?  After all, I’m talking about it, the folks at Threat Level are talking, and it’ll probably get SlashDotted or Dugg at some point, gaining them even more publicity.  While it’s not positive publicity, for a company the size of LifeLock, anything that gets their name out there is good publicity.

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One Response to “Stupidity or purposeful publicity stunt?”

  1. MikeLon 26 Jul 2007 at 1:58 pm

    There’s more. The Fort Worth Star Telegram quoted the police who said the guy LifeLock had worked over is “MENTALLY DISABLED”.

    And the original founder of Lifelock, Robert J. Maynard Jr., who hired Davis as CEO, was banned from the credit improvement business by the FTC several years ago for fraud. See http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2007-05-31/news/what-happened-in-vegas .

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