Aug 01 2007

Off to BH/DC in the morning

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Funny how coincidence works some times. I’m flying out to Vegas for Black Hat and Defcon first thing in the morning, so the whole family went to the bookstore so I could have a book for the flight.  But pickings were slim, and my wife wasn’t about to let me have the last Harry Potter book, which she’s currently in the middle of reading.  But when I got home there was a little brown box waiting for me on the doorstep.  Inside was one of the latest Addison Wesly titles, Virtual Honeypots by Niels Profos and Thorsten Holz.  I’ve been following the honypot mailing list for several years, and this is something that interests me, though I’ve never set up a honeypot of my own.  I’ve still got a couple spare IP’s and some spare hardware, so maybe after I get back from Vegas and live through Linux World, I’ll sit down for a few days and build one.  Or maybe I’ll do something to appease the Goddess of the house, like mowing the lawn and installing some trim.

If you’re in Vegas this weekend, look around for me.  I’ll be the geek with a video camera in his hand most of the time.  Okay, so that only narrows the field a little.  How about tall, middle-age geek, with a camera in hand?  My cell number is in the About Me section of the web site if you want to call.  Can’t guarantee I’ll answer, since I’m going to try and get as many classes and interviews in as I can.

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  1. Porton 18 Aug 2007 at 4:16 pm

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