Aug 07 2007

Linux World is not a security event

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When I signed up for a press pass for Linux World and started talking to the PR folks about who to talk to at the event, I kept stressing the fact that I’m a security professional.  I told them I only wanted to talk to people who know security and can talk on the subject intelligently.  But most of the vendors I’ve talked to so far have no one who can.  I don’t blame the vendors themselves, I blame the PR people who promised me that someone knowledgeable would be available.  Of course, like most PR people, they’ve been more interested in just getting their principles in front of a press person rather than getting them in front of the right press.

The other thing I found to be a little interesting is that even amongst the vendors on the floor, security seems to be very sparse.  There are a few companies that specialize in security products, but they’re few and far between.  Where a few years ago Linux was trying to establish itself as being more secure than Windows, they seem to have reached an uneasy equilibrium, at least in the eyes of the people attending.  Every one is concentrating on virtualization and power consumption and ignoring security all together.  Even some of the companies that have no impact on power seem to find some way to tie themselves into it somehow.  Reminds me of NAC at RSA earlier this year.

After coming from Defcon, I feel more than a little let down by Linux World.  There are a ton of interesting things going on, but none of them are all that interesting to me.  Maybe I’ll feel a little better after a good night’s sleep.  The good news is, I’m willing to use the wireless network here!

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2 Responses to “Linux World is not a security event”

  1. Mirkoon 07 Aug 2007 at 5:15 pm

    This is very good to know, I always assumed that Linux World would have security people in abundance.

    There’s bound to be someone worth interviewing so keep that camera close just in case :)

  2. blobpeton 07 Aug 2007 at 10:26 pm

    I, too, went to Defcon and to the first day of LinuxWorld. I’ve learned from previous LinuxWorld cons that if you want any real technical discussion, you should restrict your visit to the .org booths. It was good to see people with cool stuff like the OLPC. That being said, it seems like LinuxWorld gets crappier every year. They gave away vouchers for those talk sessions that you normally have to pay for and I just through mine away because I knew the talks were pointless. The Linux community needs a real conference where we can discuss real technical issues.

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