Aug 08 2007

BarCampESM or All the interesting stuff happens in the press room

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Whurley just sat down next to me in the press room, totally excited about Bar Camp ESM.  He and several of the other writers and bloggers here have gotten together and are planning a Bar Camp or un-conference in Austin some time in the near future to talk about all things enterprise systems management.  Not much of a chance I’ll be making the event myself, but I know of several people in the area who might want to take the time to attend. 

Just in case you’ve never attended, or even heard of, a bar camp or unconference, think of it of a large gathering of like minded individuals coming together talk about a subject without a set schedule or a set topic.  Conversations flow from what the attendees want to talk about and constant direct feedback is not only expected, it’s encouraged.  When was the last time you went to a conference and it was made better by the audience shouting back at the presenter?

The exciting stuff never happens on the show room floor.  It’s always the stuff that happens in the hallways and back rooms that’s really important.

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One Response to “BarCampESM or All the interesting stuff happens in the press room”

  1. Michael Hoffmanon 09 Aug 2007 at 5:35 pm

    I will agree that most of the exciting things do tend to happen in the press room – look at all of the neat, interesting people you get to meet! 😉

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