Aug 10 2007

Buy your friends and family the latest issue of Consumer Reports

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I’ve always been a big fan of the Consumer Reports magazine, but the September issue has to be my favorite one ever!  In nice big letters, the headline is “Stop ID thieves”.  They’ve got several articles on staying safe online and avoiding phishing scams, but I think one of the best pieces of advice they give is for people to turn on the protection they already have on their systems.  They also review many of the anti-virus programs and security suites, with a view towards the consumer who might not have a lot of experience in these things, and they rate Trend Micro at the top in all of the categories.  I’m not sure if I agree with their scoring and ranking, but at least it gives the average end user something they can easily understand.  I think I’m going to see if I can purchase 4 or 5 copies to give away.

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One Response to “Buy your friends and family the latest issue of Consumer Reports”

  1. Cloned Milkmenon 10 Aug 2007 at 10:08 pm

    There is one thing to consider before subscribing to Consumer Reports, if you are thinking about the online version. Consumer Reports Online is a spammer. Please don’t mistake my comment for exageration. Once you give your email address to CRO they won’t stop emailing you. They don’t honor their opt-out policy. Writing to them, emailing them, phoning them, and everything else I could think of could not get them to stop sending me their junk email. This is dissappointing in the extreme considering the otherwise excellent contribution the CR makes to consumers. How can Consumer Reports be so… anti-consumer when it comes to email policies?

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