Aug 10 2007

Security mentoring in Texas

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I’ve been friends with Don Weber for some time now and we were even roomies at Defcon (thanks to another friend, Mike).  He’s teaching the Security 401:  Sans Security Essentials course in Corpus Christi, Texas beginning in September, and I can almost guarantee it’ll be worth attending.  He’ll be bringing a lot of real world experience to the table and he’s not afraid to share.  By itself, the Security Essentials course is worth taking, but with a straight shooter like Don teaching it, there will be no sugar coating or misdirection involved.

It’s fun to watch my friends grow in their careers to the point where I can feel confident endorsing projects like this.  My own experience with SANS training has been great, and the weight SANS gives the feedback students provide is extraordinary.  If you’re a SANS instructor and you get some bad reviews, you know about it and they’ll do there best to help you, but they’re not going to keep an instructor who doesn’t meet with their high standards around.

One of the good things about taking a class like this from Don is making good contacts in the industry that can last long beyond the end of the course.  And I think I like the idea of taking a SANS course in two hour chunks rather than a week of highly intensive training.  It gives you a chance to think about what you’ve learned and develop questions to ask during the next class.  And you can ask anyone who’s ever been one of my instructors, I’m not shy about asking questions and giving feedback, whether they want it or not.

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