Aug 17 2007

August SRT: Security Career Success

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The Security Round Table isn’t dead!  It’s been a busy last few months, but the latest episode is now available for download.  The audio’s a little rough, so we’re searching for an alternative to Skype for recording.  We’re already planning the next session, so hopefully there won’t be any more large gaps between episodes.

We had an excellent panel together to talk about how you can build a successful security career, with Michael Santarcangelo, Mike Murray, Dan Sweet and Ron Vereggen.  Any one of these gentlemen would be an outstanding career coach by themselves, but having them all together on one phone call made for an exceptionally enlightening session.  I add a little flavor as someone who’s in the middle of a job search right now. There’s a lot of good information here, whether you’ve already got a career in security or are contemplating one.

Download the podcast directly: 

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