Aug 25 2007

Securosis is back online

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Earlier this year Gartner started enforcing a policy of no blogging for their analysts.  It’s understandable, if backwards, stance since they make their money from the intellectual production of their analysts.  Unluckily, this meant that one of my friends, Rich Mogull had to quit blogging, at least on any matters security or IT related.  As most people who blog would tell you, blogging would increase the value of an analyst rather than taking away from it, but that’s not how management sees it.  And since they sign the checks, they get to make the rules.

Rich is now back on the scene though!  He’s left the comfy world of being a renowned security analyst and is working for himself for the foreseeable future.  I’m glad to see that he’s got big things planned for his blog and, as it puts it, “other surprises”.  Rich’s time as a Gartner analyst has given him a unique viewpoint on the industry and I’m very interested in seeing what he has to say about it, now that he no longer under the restrictions of the corporate overlords.  He probably will have some contractual restrictions given his intimate relationship with the industry for the last seven years, but that’s nothing compared to what he had up until yesterday.

Welcome back to the world of blogging, Rich.  We expect big things from you in the future!  And we know there’s at least one opening at Gartner now. 

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