Sep 19 2007

Network Security Podcast, Episode 77

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Well, Rich and I ramble a little in this episode, but it’s for a good
reason.  We got side tracked talking about the wonders of airline
security and some of the tools you can use to protect yourself while
ordering stuff online.  One of the things I mentioned in the podcast is
a tool my credit card company offers; it creates a valid, temporary
credit card number on the fly that’s valid for a relatively short
period of time, say 30 days.  I doubt this would save anyone from a
compromise such as what’s happened to TD Ameritrade, but if you’re
making a one-time purchase, it’s a very good tool to use.  Here’s an
older article that lists about half a dozen of the different temporary number generators.

Show Notes:

Network Security Podcast, Episode 77

Time:  51:37

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