Oct 10 2007

Network Security Podcast, Episode 80

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Rich and I wandered into the realm of politics several times in this
podcast, something we’re gong to try to avoid for the most part in the
future.  Listener feedback brought out some of the our own strong
feelings so we went along with it.  Neither Rich nor I want to turn
this into a political podcast, mostly because neither of us feel
qualified to comment on politics. I guess that any time you start
wandering into an area people feel strongly about, it gets political,
which makes it hard to avoid politics all together.

By the way,
at one point in the podcast I couldn’t remember the name of a software
author.  The guy who’s name I fumble over is Mark Russinovich, formerly
of Sysinternals, now working at Microsoft.  And the comments I made
about the CyberSpeak Podcast are from the 23 Sep 2007 episode.

Show Notes:

Network Security Podcast, Episode 80, October 9, 2007

Time: 46:51

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