Oct 17 2007

Network Security Podcast, Episode 81

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Tonight’s podcast is a little on the short side because of the fact
that I’m on the road and we’re still trying to figure out how to
record.  I owe Rich a big thanks for doing all the heavy lifting for
tonight’s podcast, including purchasing a copy of Audio Hijack Pro,
recording the podcast and doing all the editing.  Of course, now he has
an idea of what I go through every week; a little empathy is usually a
good thing. 

We’re a bit heavy on the Apple side of things tonight, but that’s
because there’s so much interesting stuff going on with them right
now.  We barely even touched on the fact that Apple is going to be
releasing an SDK for the iPhone and other similar products.  I’ll be
interested to see what hoops developers will have to jump through to
get the SDK and what additional hurdles they’ll face in getting their
code signed by Apple. 

I’m really enjoying my time in Denver, though I’m ready to get back to
the wife and kids.  I had some plans to meet up with a few security
professionals in the area, but those fell through.  I’ll be in Chicago
all of next week and plan on attending ChiSec,
but if you’re in the area drop me a line; I’ll probably be available
Monday and Wednesday nights, and maybe even Tuesday night if Rich and I
can get the podcast recorded in a reasonable amount of time.  Barring
technical difficulties that is.

Show Notes: 

Network Security Podcast, Episode 81, October 17, 2007

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