Nov 13 2007

Network Security Podcast, Episode 84

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Has it really been two years since I started the podcast?  Looking at
the date of the first MP3, it really has been.  If you want to listen
to a blast from the past, stick around for the last 10 minutes of the
podcast where Rich and I listen to my first podcast and pick at it
Mystery Science Theater style.  Or you can save your eardrums and 10
minutes of your life by quiting before then.  I hate listening to my
old podcasts.

Thanks to Rich, we have a new site dedicated to the podcast,   
This is where you’ll find the show notes and can subscribe to a podcast
only feed.  We’ll occasionally work on joint projects here, but it’s
going to be almost entirely podcast related for the most part.

And congratulations to Paul and Larry
who’ve also reached the two year mark for podcasting.  This makes us
some of the earliest security podcasts out there, if not the earliest.

Show Notes: 

Network Security Podcast, Episode 84

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