Dec 19 2007

Network Security Podcast, Episode 88

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Prognostication:  prediction, a statement made about the future.  Tonight’s podcast features Chris Hoff, friend, blogger
and the Chief Architect of Security Innovation at Unisys, who joins us
to talk about some of his predictions of what 2008 will bring us in the
security sphere.  While Chris doesn’t claim that his crystal ball is
any clearer than other security thinkers like Richard Stiennon or Mike
Rothman, he does have some strong opinions and is perfectly willing to
share them.  I’m looking forward to next week when we come back to
Chris and try to think of some of the good things that will be coming
out of security in the future.

By the way, Chris gets paid by
the vowel, so someone will have to come up with a reaaaallly long title
if they ever expect him to leave Unisys.

Show Notes:

Network Security Podcast, Episode 86

Time:  54:36

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