Jan 04 2008

Web server fall down, go boom!

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I woke up this morning with a long list of things to do, but the Gods of Computing had other ideas. One of the first things I noticed when I logged into email was a lack of new emails, which is odd considering I usually get several hundred spams a night if nothing else. My brain was still fuzzy from lack of caffeine, but this set up some alarm bells in my head. A quick surf to the web site showed that my server was down, and a few pings got now response, and SSH wasn’t responding either. After a few words I was glad my children weren’t awake to hear, I got a cup of coffee and started troubleshooting.

Turns out that somewhere in the middle of the night, the PCI bus on the server’s motherboards decided to bite the dust. It shows memory errors where there were none before. The system comes up, and even though the NIC responds, it’s not allowing connectivity in any way shape or form. I can get on the server locally, but no network connections are being established.

Taking this as a sign from above that maybe it’s time to switch from hosting the site and my email at my house, I’ve switched all of my DNS, email and web services over to BlueHost. And since I have to rebuild everything anyways, I’ve switched from Movable Type to WordPress, something I’ve been thinking about doing for over a year now. And despite an earlier resolution to backup the entire database on a regular basis, the latest backup I have is from the end of August, so I’ll be losing a number of posts and comments until I take the time to recover them from the now defunct server. Luckily I’ve hardly been posting the last few months, so it’s probably no more than a couple of dozen posts lost.

I am not a happy camper, especially since I already had a full days worth of work ahead of me. I’ll probably take some more time this morning to at least get a better looking page up, but most of the real work is going to have to wait until another time. And since I have a report dues Monday, it looks like I’ll be working all weekend. And to top it all off, I managed to spill coffee on my sound board while trying to reach around to the back of the dying server. It seems to be okay so far, but I said more words the kids shouldn’t hear when that happened.

At least mail is working and the site is back up, even though it’ll take a day or two to have the DNS changes to propagate throughout the Internet. If you haven’t already changed over to the Feedburner feed, now would be a good time. As soon as I get that pointed to the new RSS feed that is. Speaking of which, I’ll be back once I’ve fixed that too

Edit: The FeedBurner feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/MartinMcKeaysNetworkSecurityBlog

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