Jan 09 2008

A blessing in disguise

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Last week’s server crash is turning into quite a positive incident.  Yes, most of the incoming links to the site are broken due to differences between Movable Type and WordPress, but I’ve managed to redirect all of the RSS feeds so readers should continue to get updates as I write new posts.  Using FeedBurner to manage the feeds has turned out to be as close to painless as humanly possible.  It’s been a lot of work and there’s still more to go, but overall I’d call this a positive experience, especially since the site looks so much better than it ever has before.

What I hadn’t really thought about until today was what this would mean to my home network; I often told people that my home network was more complex than the average small business.  And it was true, complete with a DMZ, two wireless networks and two wired networks, each with it’s own purpose.  Now that I’m no longer hosting my own web, email and DNS services, the DMZ is no longer needed, nor is one of the internal wired networks.  In one fell swoop, I was able to remove four pieces of network equipment, four wall warts and innumerable cables.  My office almost looks like a human works here, rather than a robotic rat in a mood to nest.

My wife’s already commented on how much faster internet access is.  My office is a good 10 degrees cooler and 10 decibels quieter than it’s been in years.  I may be looking at a savings around $100 on my electric bill next month.  My home office will no longer be a fire hazard.  I even have all of my systems backing up to external hard drives for a change.  There are times when you quietly say to yourself, “Why didn’t I do this before?”

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One Response to “A blessing in disguise”

  1. Dave Lewison 11 Jan 2008 at 5:47 am

    Congrats on the new set up. I had my home network pared down when the missus made it quite clear that If I didn’t reduce the server count…she would. And yes the “why didn’t I do this before?” was in full effect. Funny thing that.

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