Jan 16 2008

Baysec tomorrow night at Pete’s Tavern

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Well, no one’s updated the Baysec site lately, but there’s a Baysec meeting tomorrow night at Pete’s Tavern.  I’m in town for business and a viewing of a security related film earlier in the day and will be staying for at least a couple of rounds of drinks.  If you’re a security professional in the greater Bay Area, I’d suggest taking an evening and coming to this social gathering of security professionals.  BigFix usually has a big presence, Window Snyder from Mozilla sometimes hands out shwag, and a lot of the other security folks show up.  With MacWorld going on, there might even be one or two out of towners attending. 

I’m just glad to be able to make another one of these.  I’ve missed the last three or four due to being out of town on business.  I have this sneaking suspicion that something is going to happen between now and then to interfere.   I’m watching you, Murphy.

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  1. […] I can produce content almost anywhere.  I’ll take a few minutes to write a review before BaySec tonight and maybe get an interview with one or two of the folks there.  I hear Marcus Ranum and Gary […]

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