Jan 23 2008

Vista vulnerabilities at a year

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Jeff Jones has just released a pdf, Windows Vista One Year Vulnerability Report.  I’m still digging into the report, but I like how he’s shown a side by side comparison between the number of vulnerabilities XP had at one year versus the number Vista has had at one year.  A number that would be more revealing, but that we’re not going to see, would be the number of open, unpatched vulnerabilities in each system today.  That would tell us a lot more about how secure we are, which is really what we really want to know.  I think Jeff does a very good job of comparing apples to apples in the report, but it doesn’t do much to prove that as of today, Windows Vista is the most secure OS available. 

I’m still not upgrading to Vista until I can make sure the 64-bit drivers exist for all of my hardware.  Even if Vista is as secure as Jeff asserts, it’s not enough to make the upgrade worthwhile to me.

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