Feb 01 2008

Using SSL isn’t enough to keep Gmail safe

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After I caught up with Robert Graham at Defcon and interviewed him for Podtech this summer, I installed CustomizeGoogle to force my browser to always use HTTPS when connecting to Gmail.  I thought that would be enough but now Robert has figured out that even switching to HTTPS isn’t enough to protect you on Gmail or many of the other common email sites. Not that I’d ever check my email or do my banking using public wifi even before this, but it’s one more reason to avoid the wireless at Starbucks in the future.  It’s also a good reason to turn off your wifi card if you ever see Robert face to face.

And just in case you missed the video the first time, here you go again.  Note to self, recording an interview in a echoing stairwell isn’t much better than getting the same interview on a noisy convention floor. 

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