Mar 14 2008

What do you want to hear about from RSA?

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I’m trying to keep the number of vendor meetings I do to a minimum at RSA this year. I’ve filled up my schedule at previous events and quite frankly it’s more trouble than it’s worth for me. I’m planning on scheduling just two or at most three meetings each day and spending the rest of my time in sessions or wandering the expo floor to see what’s out there. Rich and I will be doing a daily wrap-up from the show room floor, hopefully fifteen minutes or less. Even limiting the number of scheduled meetings, I think I’m going to end up totally exhausted by Friday morning.

Most of the bigger vendors have more than enough media coverage already and I probably can’t add all that much that would be new to it. Many of the smaller vendors have interesting ideas, but I haven’t heard of too many I really want to set aside time for. What I want to know is who I should talk to if I only had one more time slot open for the entire event? If you’re a vendor (or PR for a vendor) this question isn’t aimed at you. I want to know who my readers would be interested in hearing from. With the recent issues concerning full disk encryption, I’m tempted to talk to one of the FDE vendors.

Who would you talk to if you only had thirty minutes to spare at RSA?

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4 Responses to “What do you want to hear about from RSA?”

  1. Michael Farnumon 15 Mar 2008 at 7:21 am

    Amen on filling your time up. I have kept it down to about three or four vendors this time. It drove me nuts last year, and it kept me from spending time with people I wanted to hang out with. Also, I think I wrote maybe one article inspired from my vendor meetings. That was after about 8 meetings. So obviously most of those did not inspire or impress me much.

    I would probably talk to a either a DLP vendor over anyone else right now (which ties in with FDE in quite a few ways).


  2. Larry Masseyon 16 Mar 2008 at 10:43 am


    Since you mentioned you might want to speak with a FDE vendor sue to the recent penetrations of Software-based FDE products, we would love to chat with you and learn from you and share with you why we deliver the only Hybrid Software-base or Hardware-based FDE solutions on the market.

    Let me know if you want some information and/or arrange a meeting.

    Larry Massey
    SECUDE IT Security
    Atlanta, GA USA

  3. Amy Kenigsbergon 19 Mar 2008 at 11:58 am

    OK – so I’m answering your question anyway – I’m a PR flack for Commtouch – but they really are worth speaking to.

    They are doing some pretty unique behind-the-scenes technology work using real-time pattern detection across the global network.

    While they are an OEM for biggies like Aladdin and Check Point, they are worth talking to independently especially re: their stats.

    Any time you need number of zombies per hour for a major outbreak; kinds of scams active “this month; etc., they are the ones to talk to.

    They actually have enough knowledge at their fingertips that they are starting to package their zombie data to sell to financial services co.s regarding identity theft issues and network security breaches.

    They’ve got a hospitality suite at the Marriott, so when you need time away from the show floor, feel free to hide out with them.

    Amy Kenigsberg

  4. jj (Jennifer Jabbusch)on 20 Mar 2008 at 1:28 pm

    Check out Winmagic – their SecureDoc is the only FDE solution certified by NSA.

    It’s our chosen best-of-breed solution and our customers love it.

    I know Joseph Belesanti will be there… Great guy, fun, very knowledgable. He’s given some presentations for us and I’ve been impressed. Thi may be there too- he’s a hoot.


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