Apr 15 2008

RSA video in editable format

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For anyone who was in the RSA Security Bloggers Meetup video, I can make the video available in a format you can download and edit yourself. I haven’t done it just yet, but UStream makes it possible to download as a .flv file which I can turn around and convert to just about any format you might want. If you’re a PR person responsible for one of the bloggers we interviewed, just have your client send a request and you can have the video. I don’t have any desire to stop anyone from using this video, I just don’t want to make it a burden on my limited resources.

Rich and I had a ton of fun making this video and I wish the first 75 minutes of it had been captured. We’re still working on getting the audio levels right and we might hire a professional to record the Security Bloggers Meetup next year, but expect to see more projects like this from time to time. All things considered, this turned out pretty well for a first effort and makes me think its worth doing more. What’s nice for me is all the equipment we used can fit in a single backpack or Pelican hard case. Except for the tripod that is.

Next purchase is some lights so we don’t look so dark. Or maybe just find a brighter place to record. Or just accept that this is amateur videography and let it go at that. Guess which one I’m leaning towards.

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