Apr 30 2008

George Ou is back in the saddle

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Welcome back to the world of blogging, George. After a brief haitus, George Ou has rejoined us with his appropriately titled George Ou’s Blog: Technology for Mortals. He has a co-author on the site, Justin James, and already has more than a few posts up. George’s short write-up of a computer he built for just over $400 is nice, since I’m contemplating building another computer my self. Of course, I’m always contemplating building a new computer, it’s just getting buy in from the wife that’s a problem. I also think George and I will be taking different sides of many PCI-related stories.

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One Response to “George Ou is back in the saddle”

  1. George Ouon 02 May 2008 at 12:51 am

    I have a habit of getting men in trouble with their wives, I really need to work on that problem :). NOT! I’ll have a few more expensive versions up soon so be prepared to take a beating from the wife, he-he.

    Anyhow, thanks for the link Martin!

    P.S. What is your take on the PCI standards declaring no need for application audits if you have an Application Firewall?

    My other big problem with them is how they mandate BAD security by requiring the suppression of SSID beacons on the infrastructure side which exposes the clients when they have to probe everywhere they go.

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