May 05 2008

Desparate for attendees

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I’ve attended my fair share of conventions, but this is a first: CTST 2008 is offering up a free night’s stay if you’ll attend their conference. Their event is next week and I’m pretty sure the offer isn’t transferable, but I find it very interesting that they feel like they need attendees badly enough that they’re willing to make this offer at all. Add this to the fact that my name showed up on the list of last year’s attendees and I think we have a convention that’s truly suffering and may not make the 2009 season.

I receive a lot of phone calls from vendors, but in general only from vendors who have access to the lists of events I’ve actually attended. This year I’m showing up on the list of people who attended CTST, despite the fact that I’ve never attended and have never been to Florida, where the event is held. It makes me wonder how much of the list of attendees is based on people who actually attended last year or if it’s based on the people who were invited. I may be a statistical outrider, but from what I know of the convention biz, I also won’t be surprised if I find out I’m not the only one.

CTST looks like a convention I’d be interested in; it’s all about payment cards and the ways in which different credit and debit cards can be secured. It’s a natural fit for just about anyone in the PCI arena. But right now I don’t have the time to attend, nor the energy to fly cross country even if I did. But listing me as an attendee for something I never showed up at is annoying, and if it happens again this year, I’m going to be more than annoyed; I might have to blog about it in an snarky, sarcastic manner.

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