May 14 2008

May SRT: RSA Conference – Beyond the Hype

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Shortly after the end of RSA 2008, Michael Santarcangelo organized the latest Security Roundtable podcast. We were joined by a varied crowd of characters in the form of Dr. Anton Chauvakin, James Costello, and Jennifer Leggio. We had a lot of fun recording this conversation, even if poor Anton fell off fairly early due to phone problems. Luckily we let him get some of his shots in early.

Rich and I talked about this on an episode of the NSP, but there were no real ‘themes’ to this years RSA. There were a lot of interesting things going on, but it wasn’t on the showroom floor or in the key note presentations. I’m hoping that this means the industry is maturing, but it may just mean we’re in a lull between waves of marketing hype. Guess you’ll have to tune into next year’s SRT RSA podcast to find out.

Security Roundtable for May 2008 | RSA Conference – Beyond the Hype

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