May 19 2008

Card skimming is alive and well

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How much attention do you pay the ATM machine at your local bank? Would
you notice if someone put an additional device on it that looks
legitimate? Even if you would, do you think your mother or grandmother
would? I know my grandmother has a hard enough time even seeing the
ATM, let alone being able to tell if anyone added anything to it.

I’ve never seen a Redbox, but they’ve had a few systems in Arizona that received an additional card reader
earlier this month. These readers were set up above the normal card
reader, probably powered by a AA battery, and I’m sure the owners were
planning on coming back a few days later to either retrieve them or at
least download what they’d collected so far.

Card skimming has been a real threat for some time now and is
probably only going to get worse. With the proliferation of devices
that take credit cards (Redbox appears to be a DVD rental system) it’s
only going to get worse. Both of the examples Redbox shows are pretty
obvious if you know what you’re looking for, but there have been other
skimmers that are much harder to detect. And they’re only going to get
better at disguising the skimmers as time goes by.

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One Response to “Card skimming is alive and well”

  1. Don Cliftonon 17 Jul 2008 at 1:22 pm

    This is a big problem in the Hampton Roads area (Virginia Beach/Norfolk and surrounding areas in VA) and has been since I think 02/03. I remember doing training for my guys around then on this. Not enough to get shot at overseas but come home and some jerk is going to rip you off too. Keep up the great work! Love the podcast!


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