Jun 09 2008

You know you’re a security professional if …

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Do any of the items on this list apply to you? I know there was more than one of them that made me chuckle.

My personal favorites are:

“You lock your screensaver with twice as much insistence when security friends are around than when strangers are, because you’re not nearly as worried about a stranger’s intentions.”

Strangers aren’t going to mess with your computer just so they can make fun of you later!

“You suspect that every banner and Flash ad on every Web site is hosting malicious JavaScript.”

They aren’t?

“You loath government interference with the Internet because you know they will only mess it up more and not fix the problem (see CAN-SPAM Act).”

This one speaks for itself.

“You can’t prevent yourself from laughing out loud when someone announces they think that computer viruses, buffer overflows, or whatever will be solved in five years.”

Which strikes me as a good one to end my review of the list on.

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