Jun 11 2008

It hasn’t hit the rank and file yet

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Last night when I hit the airport, it was deserted.  I guess mid-evening flights aren’t all that popular for most people.  The really surprising part was that there was no waiting at the security checkpoint.  I half expected to see a long line despite the sparsity of travelers.  And since I didn’t have to use the buffer I always build into my schedule to deal with security, I decided to have a little fun.  No, I didn’t try to tell them I had forgotten my ID, but I did ask the the TSA agent if she’d heard of the new “No ID” policy and what the current policy was concerning flying without ID.  And no big surprise, she really didn’t know all that much about current or future policy.

To be fair, the TSA agent did say she’d heard ‘something about that’, but she had never had to deal with anyone who refused to show ID.  This tells me that besides being an ineffective security policy, the TSA’s new policy is unnecessary and hollow.  There’s not enough people out there refusing to show ID to make a real impact on flying in the first place, so all the new policy is doing is giving people like me more to write about.  I’m so surprised.

I’m not adventurous enough to be one of the people to challenge the new TSA policy.  I think it’s a useless security measure, something that’s all for show and will have no real impact on our security in airports.  It might create a problem for people who are going to create problems anyways, but it won’t have any effect on any supposed ‘terrorists’ out there.

I just wonder if I ask about the policy after June 21st if I’ll get the same reaction?

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One Response to “It hasn’t hit the rank and file yet”

  1. Apneet Jollyon 27 Jun 2008 at 8:16 am

    I’m not surprised to hear that the rank and file has not heard about the policy – but fyi, your link to “new “No ID” policy” does not work.

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