Jun 25 2008

And this is why I like ScribeFire

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Yesterday I complained on the blog that ScribeFire had been acting funny and eating parts of my post. Actually, in a lot of cases, it had been the majority of the posts it ate. Later in the morning, I got a comment on the post from Christopher Finke saying they think they know what it is. That’s cool. Today, I got some new code to test out and see if the same thing is still happening. Now that’s really cool.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m writing this post to try to recreate some of the conditions that have caused me previous problems with ScribeFire. I started the post, wrote a few lines and then changed tabs in the right window. If the problem isn’t fixed, I’ll probably get the first line of the post and nothing else will show up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I hit the Publish button.

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