Jun 26 2008

The Internet is a public place

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Some time in the distant past, or maybe just a couple of years ago, I signed up for the US-CERT Cyber Security Tips mailing list. Every week they send out an email concerning online security, targeting the average home user with a simple concept they should be able to digest fairly easily. It’s not something that’s going to educate most of the professional paranoids who hang out and read a blog like this one, but it is usually a subject your parents or non-technical friends can learn from.

This week’s mailing is “Guidelines for Publishing Information Online“. To quote their own synopsis,

Remember that the internet is a public resource. Avoid putting anything online that you don’t want the public to see or that you may want to retract.

If you’ve reading the blog or listening to the podcast, you’ll probably have seen me use words very similar to that a number of times. Especially when Uncle Mike Rothman tries to get me going on a subject like privacy. Privacy isn’t dead, but the vultures are gathering and it’s up to each and every one of us to safeguard our own privacy by being aware of what we put on the Internet. ‘Cause once it’s out there and Google’s indexed it, you’ll never get that piece of information back in the bottle.

Isn’t it funny when someone who blogs as much as I do says be careful what you put on the Internet?

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