Jul 07 2008

Finally upgraded to FF3

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I upgraded my secondary computers, the Mac Book Pro and the wife’s desktop, to Firefox 3 the day it came out last month, but I put off upgrading my primary system until this weekend. Why? Because I dislike a number of the default tab behaviors Firefox displays by default; they’re fine for lite browsing, but for my more serious browsing, it got to be annoying. Trying to organize show notes and organize articles for blog posts is just easier when tabs behave the way I want them too, not the way Mozilla wants them to. So I waited for Tab Mix Plus to catch up with Firefox 3. Which they’ve done, even though it’s still a ‘development’ version.

There are a few features that TMP offers that I really need. The first is opening up URL’s I type in in a new tab rather than in the current window by default. There’s probably a way to get FF3 to exhibit this behavior without TMP, but I’ve never been able to work right. Another feature is the ability to automatically reload a particular tab on a regular basis. I have a couple of stats windows I keep open that I want to reload every 15 minutes, like my blog stat and podcast stat pages. Neither of these features is absolutely necessary, but it makes my browsing experience more enjoyable.

Now to upgrade the kids computer and the other household laptop. It’s a bit scary that we’ve got more computers than people in our household. But I guess that’s part of what happens when you’re a computer geek.

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One Response to “Finally upgraded to FF3”

  1. Mr. Ion 07 Jul 2008 at 6:16 am

    Why do you use FF3? Give Opera a try. Once you do it, I can bet you will never talk about FF.

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