Jul 28 2008

Defcon Podcaster (and Blogger) meetup

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Mubix has issued an update to the Podcaster’s meetup for Defcon 16. He’s arranged for a couple of sponsors (thanks I-hacked.com and Astaro) for the event and might even get a couple more. The skybox will be open all day as a ‘quiet space’ for podcasting, which is something that’s usually pretty hard to find at Defcon, especially if you’re like me and won’t be staying at the Riviera. Given the crowd we’re talking about, I’m not sure how quiet it’ll really be, but it’ll still be better than the convention floor and the hallways will be.

There’s going to be a live broadcast from 9 to 10 PDT, and with the number of podcasters that’ll be there, I’m willing to bet it’ll be like herding cats. I’ll see if I can set up some video to give everyone an idea of how crazy it ends up being. Maybe we’ll even manage some live streaming video, if we’re lucky.

Black Hat and Defcon are approaching quickly. I just hope I still have the energy to party by the time this event rolls around. I’m glad I’m heading home in the afternoon Sunday, because I don’t think I’ll be up very early in the morning.

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