Aug 02 2008

Watch twitter for meetups

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I don’t know of any plans for meetups at Black Hat that have been fully solidified yet, so my best advice is to follow my twitter feed or the Black Hat feed for up to the minute info on meetups. There’s a good chance that someone at Black Hat will tweet on any gathering. I know there’s a possible Security Catalyst meetup Tuesday afternoon and a blogger/podcaster meetup brewing for Wednesday some time.

There’s definitely a blogger/podcaster/audience meetup Saturday night at Defcon which will be transimitted somehow. There might be multiple live streams and possibly video, I haven’t heard confirmation yet. I plan on being there for a while, at the very least during the recording session.

I’m looking forward to next week, seeing a bunch of friends and making new ones. It’s always interesting to meet people face to face that you generally only contact online. If you recognize my voice in a crowd, don’t hesitate to say hello.

By the way, the only network I’m planning on trusting at these events is the 3G network and even then I’ll be tunnelling whenever possible and online as little as possible. Bluetooth, wireless, both off the whole time, absolutely no access to the hotel network and my computers will rarely leave my room, some precautions I’d recommend you think about too. The Wall of Sheep will be present at Black Hat as well as DefCon, and I for one would rather not be on it.

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