Aug 16 2008

Excuse the dust

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I’m playing with the site some, adding some ads, removing others, getting rid of some of the features I added a while ago and never use. I don’t exactly hope to make a fortune from the ads on the site, but beer and pretzel money is always good to have. Or at least money to replace the next piece of equipment I spill coffee on.

Please let me know if/when I cross the line from mildly annoying to driving you from the site. The ad money is worth less to me than my readers are.

On a related note, Rich and I are starting to discuss the potential of sponsors for the podcast, at least for special events like RSA or Black Hat/Defcon. We’d love to be able to follow Paul and Larry‘s lead and create some t-shirts and bumper stickers to hand out at the events. Feedback and ideas on this are also appreciated.

One more thing (any Jacki Chan Adventures fans out there?) Rich and I still have some books to give to readers/listeners, but we haven’t been happy with how we’ve done it before. Any suggestions on how to give away books in a way that will draw in more listeners and readers? I received an extra copy of Raffael Marty‘s book Applied Security Visualization and I’d love an excuse to get it out of my library and into someone else’s.

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One Response to “Excuse the dust”

  1. Dougon 16 Aug 2008 at 11:59 am

    If you’re giving away a copy of Applied Security Visualization it would seem to me that the best way would be to hold a contest. Give listeners a month to submit visualizations of security events – the best one gets the book.

    Afterglow is free, easy to use and can be anonomized so everyone can participate. You could even have a guest judge pick the winner – may I suggest Rafffael Marty? You might even be able to hold the contest in conjunction with the folks at

    My copy of Applied Security Visualization arrived on Thursday (and it is excellent) so I’m not likely to participate but I’d be very interested in see what other security professionals are doing in this developing field.


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