Aug 22 2008

Fedora servers pwnd

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The servers at Fedora were attacked and compromised recently. The folks at Redhat are confident that none of the Fedora packages were compromised, but I’d be cautious for a while until the whole story is known.

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One Response to “Fedora servers pwnd”

  1. Spirovski Bozidaron 22 Aug 2008 at 9:37 pm

    A quote from the announcement: “One of the compromised Fedora servers was a system used for signing Fedora packages.”
    This system has little to do with internet services and should be buried deep in the redhat server infrastructure, behind layers of firewalls and IDS systems, or even offline.

    Goes to show that even large companies can make a very poor choice on system positioning and security.

    Spirovski Bozidar

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