Sep 13 2008

Playing with Live Streams for SRT

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This morning Michael Santarcangelo and I will be playing with streaming the audio from an Security Roundtable podcast.  We don’t really have a topic or a theme for the podcast.  We don’t even have any stories to talk about.  We’ll just be sitting online, talking and testing out how to use the streaming software.  And let me tell you, this software has more options and tricks than I’ll use in a long, long time.

The stream will start at 7:00 am PDT at  I think.  I may have the URL munged up a little, so if that doesn’t work, try it with just the .mp3 extension. We have a guest lined up thanks to a tweet last night, but this really is just going to be 3 security guys talking about whatever interests them for about 45 minutes. 

If this works out, Rich and I may try streaming the Network Security Podcast when we record.  We can’t do anything as organized as actually have a set time and date for our recording sessions, but this will be one step closer to being able to do so. 

PS.  I created a channel for today’s session on  Predictably, the channel name is ##SRT. 

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