Sep 16 2008

Network Security Podcast, Episode 120

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Tonight was our first attempt at recording the Network Security Podcast while also streaming it live to the world.  As you might have guessed, there were a few minor glitches, but over all things worked out.  We plan on streaming most, if not all, of the podcasts from now on, though we don’t think there is any way we can get ourselves coordinated enough to actually record the show at the same time every week.  After all, there has to be some randomness to the NSP experience, otherwise it wouldn’t be the NSP.  The URL for the streaming audio is and we’ll try to tweet and post a note at least a couple of hours before the recording in the future.

We were joined tonight by Justin Searle, Kevin Johnson and Jay Beale from Intelguardians.  As well as discussing the news stories of the week, the guys were here to tell us about a new LiveCD they’ve developed, Samurai.  They saw a hole in the security LiveCD arena and created a Web Testing Framework LiveCD for beginners to learn on and experienced pen testers to use in the real world.  Fun stuff, which is why tonight’s podcast went a little long.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 120 for September 16, 2008
Time:  43:57

Show Notes:

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