Oct 07 2008

Recording notice: NSP 123

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Rich and I will be recording episode 123 of the Network Security Podcast tonight at 5:00 PDT.  We’ll start the live stream at http://hak5radio.com:8000/netsecpodcast.mp3.m3u at 5:00, start recording a few minutes after and hopefully wrap up in 30 minutes.  Since Rich and I almost never actually finish on time, but it’s a goal.

Tonight’s guest:  Us.  We’ve decided to have a show sans guests this week, mostly because neither of us has had the time to line up anyone this week.  Go figure, security professionals with time issues.  If you want to ask questions while the show is live, we’ll both be monitoring Twitter, Rich as rmogull, me as mckeay and both of us will be monitoring netsecpodcast

The show will be posted some time after 7:00 tonight, as per our irregular schedule.

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