Oct 11 2008

Looking forward to RSA Conference 2009

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I really look forward to the RSA Conference in San Francisco every year.  It was fun when it was just another security conference, but since we’ve started doing the Security Blogger Meetup, it’s become one of the main conventions I look forward to. This year will be even better, since the Meetup will be bigger and better than it’s ever been before!  We’ve got a lot of big plans forming, so even if we’re only able to half of what we imagine, it’ll still be a great event.

We’ve already started planning for this year’s Meetup and I’ve been invited to write on the RSA Conference 365 site, so I’ll keep the majority of my writing and enthusiasm for the event there.  Alan, Rich, Jen and Jeanne will be writing about the Security Blogger Meetup and all the things surrounding it on the site as well, so it’ll be a good site to add to your RSS feeds.  Keep the week of April 20th through 24th free or you’ll miss one heck of an event!

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