Oct 22 2008

Security Roundtable for October 11, 2008

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It took a little while due to technical difficulties, but the latest episode of the Security Roundtable is available for download.  Michael and I talked to Jennifer Leggio, aka mediaphyter, who writes for ZDNet amongst other things.  We talked about blogging and the responsibility of a blogger.  I don’t think we came to any clear cut conclusions, but one thing we all agree on is that security bloggers have more responsibility than the average blogger, due to our area of expertise.  We have more riding on what we write being factual and true than someone who writes a gossip column does. 

You can find the show notes on the Security Roundable site.  We’ll be recording another live show if I can get the software running on my computer again.  I was recently shutting down some services on the computer and may have gone a little overboard.  On the other hand, I seem to have a lot more free memory than I’ve had in a while.

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