Oct 26 2008

My Sunday Morning Reading

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I haven’t had the time to blog much lately, but I still try to keep up on my reading.  Here are a few of the articles that are open in a Firefox tab on my right screen.  Meanwhile Spore is patching on my left screen so I can get back to vital Sunday morning projects like building a civilization.

  • MS08067 – An out of band update is always a big deal.  I’ve read a number of rumors about why this update was pushed, but nothing I’d call 100% reliable yet.
  • More on the Sequoia e-voting machines –  No surprise, I’m reading more on direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines.  This election has the potential to explode if the vote is close anywhere and DRE’s were involved.   I can already hear the lawyer’s sharpening their claws.
  • Speaking of surprises – They found problems with DRE’s already in some precincts during early voting.  This will probably be hushed up by a judge or blown off as human error.
  • Be careful what you tweet – A vulnerability has been found in Twitter that may allow your protected tweets to be seen.  Not that you should be tweeting anything that sensitive anyways.
  • Oh noes!  The terrorists will use Twitter too! – So what?  Does that mean we should leap to our default stance of bugging all of Twitter on the off chance a terrorists might be using it?
  • The big data aggregators agree to a code of conduct – But will they stick to it?  Only time will tell.
  • From the “Terminator” files – The Army is looking for someone to develop hunter bots.  Have they read any popular sci-fi in the last 30 years?  This is how the world ends!

Back to relaxing for the weekend. 

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