Nov 11 2008

Network Security Podcast, Episode 127: DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff

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When I first got an invitation to attend a roundtable discussion with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, I thought thought it was a hoax, as did some of the people I asked about it.  A little fact checking revealed that it was the real deal, but the meeting was in Washington, DC.  Traveling cross country for an hour meeting isn’t in my budget, so I regretfully passed on the opportunity.  Fast forward a month and the invite comes again, but this time it’s happening at Stanford University.  There’s no way I could pass that by.  Andrew Storms and George Ou expressed interest in going and Secretary Chertoff’s Press Secretary, Caroline Dieker, made the arrangements and we were all invited to attend.

I was impressed by Secretary Chertoff; he speaks plainly, with only a little of the evasion I’d expected from someone in a position like his.  I don’t agree with all his arguments and ideas, but he was very open to discussing them publicly.  I almost feel bad that he’s going to be gone come January.  I tried to tweet the whole thing as much as possible, but it’s easy to get distracted in a situation like this.  I captured the entire conversation on my little iRiver 795 and here it is so you can listen for yourself. 

Network Security Podcast, Episode 127, November 11, 2008 – Blogger Roundtable with DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff

I’m posting a copy of the live tweets in the comments, along with the replies.

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  1. Martinon 11 Nov 2008 at 10:00 pm

    Here are the unedited tweets for this afternoon’s meeting with DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff

    mckeay Sitting at Stanford, waiting to talk to Michael Chertoff. Full Secret Service compliment, dog, sheriff, etc

    mediaphyter @mckeay I like how the dog was listed before the sheriff. Good luck. 😉

    Beaker @mckeay Which questions have you apportioned for the dog vs. Chertoff?

    mckeay time for the security stuff
    mckeay Made it through the sniff test. Waiting to go in and begin the discussions. Only about 5 or 6 of us to be in the roundtable

    rockyd @mckeay if dogs outnumber bloggers run!

    mckeay Sitting around waiting for Secretary Chertoff to show up. Only a few of us who’ve shown up
    mckeay first question is from Hoff, Why are you doing this?
    mckeay Because he was here for other issues, doing work down in southern california
    mckeay Bloggers offer a different viewpoint of the security issues, more in depth than reporters sometimes, not issue of the day
    mckeay Discussing taking shoes off through the airport checkpoints. Point is, it’s an attack that’s already been tried. But is it a real risk?

    stiennon @mckeay Yeah the shoe bomber FAILED. No terrorist will be stupid enough to try something that does not work.

    mckeay Why not successful attacks here: We’re lucky. Terrrorists don’t hate us. We’ve made it hard to attack the US. He goes for #3
    mckeay Andrew’s asking about Cyberterror: what are we doing for the US to reduce cyberterror?

    stiennon @mckeay Ask him about the White House hacks. Get him to say there was no important information in White House emails. Hah!

    mckeay Reduce the number of internet access points, background checks on people, engage with the private sector more. Help them elevate security
    mckeay Make the capabilities available to private sector, don’t force the government on them
    mckeay Measuring the effectiveness: count the attacks, should see a decrease in the future
    mckeay Asking about White house email
    mckeay The national cybersecurity strategy signed off by the president, but needs to be continued by the next Prez
    mckeay The DHS is now getting the budget to help the private sector to secure their networks.
    mckeay The DOD is working with DHS to find ways to help the civilian world secure the Internet, a partnership.

    stiennon @mckeay HTH are they going to spend $30 Billion on National Cyber Security Strategy?

    cryptorobert @mckeay reduce the number of internet access points? What does that mean, exactly?

    mckeay “Government can’t try to control the world, we have to work collaberatively”
    mckeay Secretary Chertoff had read a number of the comments on twitter and the blog and knew some of the questions I’d ask

    gattaca @mckeay biting tongue re: DOD/DHS partnership. Oooh blood

    stiennon @mckeay Dang, we should have discussed your anti-american tendencies. You would have been barred from the meeting No wait that is Scoble.

    mckeay Carrots are better than sticks, it’s better for the DHS to encourage cooperation rather than force it.
    mckeay The size of US-CERT is doubling, the initial collaboration will be happening with the biggest players first
    mckeay Why has the DHS had problems protecting their own systems? Chronicle reporter, the only non-blogger (only 4 of us total)

    catalyst @mckeay what is DHS willingness to learn from others? from private sector? Clearly they don’t have it perfect, either… two way means what?

    mckeay Everyone has to be on the same set of requirements, until recently the DHS didn’t have the authority to push the requirements

    catalyst @mckeay you’re doing a great job of keeping us connected. Thanks!!

    mckeay A number of different technical solutions are being offered, but none of them are perfect, might deal with the issue of lost laptops
    mckeay George Ou is asking some good questions about biometrics and two factor authentication
    mckeay why have we been at threat level orange forever? It gives them a different set of guidelines they can use, more resources than yellow
    mckeay Have we caught a terrorists in the airports? Dancing around the subject, but stating we have caught people who should not be on the planes
    mckeay How about the no-fly list? 2500 world wide, 20,000 flagged for extra review. Only 10% are US citizens
    mckeay I’m recording this, but I don’t know what the sound quality will be like.
    mckeay The airlines can collect additional information from flyers to limit the number of false positives. Airlines aren’t any more sure of th …
    mckeay What are you doing after January? Decompress, take a vacation
    mckeay If you have a better way to do airport security, bring it up, let the DHS know
    mckeay That was good. Only 4 of us, direct conversation with Secretary Chertoff, great stuff.
    mckeay Sorry I didn’t get to ask more of the questions asked during the conversation, but I got to ask a lot more than I’d expected.

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