Nov 13 2008

Pictures and George Ou’s comments

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I just got some pictures from Tuesday that were taken by Secretary Chertoff’s photographer.  If you look at my Mac Book Pro, you’ll see several stickers rather prominently displayed, but the most obvious one is “Hack Naked” from PauldotCom Security Weekly!  I really wasn’t thinking about what I was carrying around, since the bag I was using that day was a Black Hat 2008 bag.  I’m glad they knew enough about me not to be worried about my hacking skills. 


George Ou has done a good job of writing up his experience from Tuesday.  George and I have different priorities, so it was good for him to ask questions I wouldn’t have thought of.  We were all impressed by the statistics concerning the no-fly list:  there are only approximately 2500 names on the true ‘no-fly’ list and another 20,000 on the extra security list.  And of those, only 10% are American citizens according to Secretary Chertoff.  For such a small list, it sure has created a big stir.

Added:  Of course, minutes after I posted this, I found out that Andrew Storms, the guy pictured to the right of me, wrote up his own experience.  I think between the excellent posts by Andrew and and George, I don’t need to feel guilty about not having time to write up my own experience. 

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