Nov 29 2008

Rich’s Safe Shopping post

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There’s nothing really surprising about the steps you need to make it through the holiday shopping season without getting your computer infected.  In fact, it’s so unsurprising that Rich has posted the same basic article three years in a row with advice on how to stay safe while you’re shopping online.  You can read the whole thing on Securosis, but here’s a quick synopsis:

1.  Only use one credit card for your online shopping
2.  Only use your credit card at major retailers online, otherwise use Paypal or a temporary credit card
3.  Don’t click on any link you receive in an email.  Ever!
4.  Update your browser.  And your OS while you’re at it.
5.  Use NoScript.
6.  Keep your AV, firewall and other security tools up to date.

Even that might not be enough, but it’ll give you a decent chance of staying safe.  I think we forgot step 0:  Use your common sense.  If it feels fishy, there’s a good chance it is. 

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