Dec 02 2008

Security Bloggers Meetup, Da Rules

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First off, I’m not the person you want to talk to if you want to be on the guest list for next year’s Security Bloggers Meetup at RSA Conference 2009.  I’m involved in the event, but I’m not involved in maintaining the List and I like it that way.  But I do want people to know about the event and to give as much advanced warning to all the bloggers/podcasters/reporters etc. who might want to attend.

We have a number of rules concerning this event and Jennifer Leggio lays them out pretty clearly on the RSA Conference blog for the event.  Blogging types only, no marketing, no one gets the list and the details of when and where are confidential.  If you want to get on the list or know what it takes to get on the list, contact Jennifer and ask. Don’t contact me or any of the other people involved, Jennifer is the official mistress of the list and the only one who really knows who’s on it. 

I originally thought we were starting too early in the planning of this event, but it became obvious quickly that there’s no such thing as ‘too early’ when you’re talking about an event as big as the RSA Conference.  The great thing is that this has given us a chance to put in place many of the things we wish we could have done last year and were only a vague dream the year before.  We have big plans for this year’s event and it promises to make the first two look like they were put on by amateurs.  Which they were, but that’s beside the point.

Subscribe to the RSA Security Blogger Meetup RSS feed or follow it in Twitter, @RSABloggers2009.  There’s almost nothing that would keep me from the event next year and I know a lot of other people who feel the same way.

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