Dec 03 2008

Something goofy with the RSS feed

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I’ve had a number of complaints the last few days that my RSS feed seems to be messed up and people are getting multiple copies of the WRT54G post.  As far as I can tell the feeds coming from the site are fine, it’s somewhere at Feedburner that the RSS is being mangled, and by extension at Google. I’ve had a number of issues with the Feedburner/Google setup lately, I lost approximately a thousand readers a month or so ago and they’ve never come back.  I was told this is just a problem with Google Reader reporting the numbers and not a real issue, but I’m less and less inclined to believe this.

I apologize to everyone who’s getting multiple copies of certain posts, I have no idea how to stop it.  I’m sticking with Feedburner for a little while longer in the hopes they can get their stuff together, but I draw the line at the point where they start driving people away from the blog. 

Update:  I have ‘unpublished’ the WRT54G post, it was causing too many people problems due to the continuous republishing in the RSS feeds.  I will try reposting it this weekend and see if the problem returns.

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3 Responses to “Something goofy with the RSS feed”

  1. Michael Hendersonon 04 Dec 2008 at 9:19 am

    Yeah, I subscribed to your blog about a year ago, and my Firefox “Live Bookmarks” feed failed to load some weeks ago. I finally figured out that the issue wasn’t your fault, and just re-subscribed yesterday.

  2. David Won 04 Dec 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Hey Martin,

    I am also seeing this behaviour, and only today considered unsubscribing rather than send you a (potentially grumbly) e-mail about it. Take FeedBurner out of the loop, I say. Its reliability went to shit as soon as Google took them over (I have screen shots to demonstrate this).

    Yours, ever loyal in the face of adversary!


  3. David Won 06 Dec 2008 at 3:01 am

    Hey Martin,

    Just an FYI to say I got an update on this post 23 minutes ago, and looks like the post content hasn’t changed. :(

    FWIW I’m subscribed using Google Reader.

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